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支持 - PanelPilotACE

What connectors do I need for my PanelPilotACE?

Details for all the connectors required can be found by downloading the file to the left.

联系 our sales team if you have any questions.

How do I use RS232 in the design studio?

The RS232 works using three elements, 1个硬件元件(串口)和2个功能元件(RS-232接收和RS-232发送).

Within the hardware element you must specify standard RS232 properties (baud rate etc.). You must also specify the service type; native if you wish to communicate with another PPA device, Terminal otherwise. “终端模式”属性指定数据是应该用提示符包装(便于在终端中使用)还是应该是原始的(设备到设备). Then you will need to specify send/receive terminators and separators. 终止符表示给定RS232命令的结束,分隔符是用来分隔多个值的字符. 

RS-232发送元素允许您指定一个串行端口(硬件元素),然后大量的“发送值”。, 这个元素可以像任何其他动作一样被调用,当它被调用时,它将发送每个值(包含在指定的pre和postMessage中),这些值通过硬件元素中指定的“发送分隔符”分隔开,并以硬件元素中指定的“发送终止符”结束. The values will be sent in sequential order from top to bottom. 

The RS-232 Receive element allows you to specify a serial port (the hardware element), when this has been selected you will be able to specify an "Alias". 为了使用RS-232接收,它必须在开始有一个唯一的可识别的命令, if no alias is specified then the name of the RS-232 Receive element will be used as the command; if an alias is specified then the Alias will be used as the command. 接收分隔符应该跟在后面,然后所有您希望设备接收的值也由接收分隔符分隔,然后用接收终止符结束. Then you will specify a list of receive properties/variables, 在这里,值将按从上到下的顺序再次存储,即从第一次接收到最后一次接收. 

For example if the Alias was set to "rx", 分隔符设置为逗号,结束符设置为[CR][LF],指定的接收值是一个文本框的文本属性,然后下面将文本框文本值设置为“测试”: 


RS-232 Receive还为您提供了一个选项,以便在接收完成后执行一个操作,因此您可以将值存储为一个变量,然后调用一个操作来显示它,或者在显示它之前使用数学生成器修改它. 

N.B. we are in the process of creating further tutorial videos to aid in development with new features.


一旦你安装了新版本的设计工作室,你就可以使用自动更新功能. This works for both the design studio and the device software.  如果你有一个设备连接,但没有最新版本的设备软件,那么你会看到一个齿轮图标旁边的设备. Simply click on this and follow the steps in order to upgrade your device software. 您也可以通过点击设备菜单图标(3条白条),选择升级设备软件来手动升级设备.

Is it possible to output 4-20mA from a PanelPilotACE display?

Yes but not directly, an interface circuit would be required to convert the PWM output to a 4-20mA output. There are third party devices which can do this, please 联系 us for further help.


我想实现一个微调,让我设置一个变量,但我找不到一种方法来增加变量. How do I do it?

在软件的V2中,Design Studio添加了一个数学生成器来提供这个功能.  See the Spinner example in the list of Project Templates on our PanelPilotACE University page.

How many copies of the Windows software can I install?

The software is free to use and you can install it on as many PC’s as you like. 你不允许做的是销售软件,逆向工程或修改它在任何方式. 

Why is the I²C and SPI capabilities of the hardware not available in the software?

虽然当前的软件版本不允许您使用这些功能,但mg4377线路检测的软件团队正忙于添加这些功能. 这个功能是mg4377线路检测的首要任务,mg4377线路检测希望在接下来的几个月里让它可用.

Why does the PanelPilotACE software not discover my device on Windows 8?

This is an issue with Windows 8 and requires you to disable driver signature enforcement. Instructions for doing so can be found in our Installing Panel Pilot Driver On Windows 8 documentation.

Do I need to buy a QT/Digia run-time license?

No, 每一个SGD 43-A都与Digia的商业运行时许可证一起出售,Digia拥有运行PanelPilotACE的QT平台. You can find more information about this on the Digia website:

My clock is set to the wrong time, how do I set the clock?

Open up the Panel Pilot ACE design studio and connect your device. 假设你的设备已经正确连接,你应该能够在工作室右上方的设备下拉框中选择它. 单击设备选择右边的按钮,看起来像三条白色水平线. From the dropdown menu that appears select "Device Configuration". 然后勾选“设置实时时钟”复选框,并确保选择正确的时间(+1表示GMT+1). Hit the configure button and the application will be updated. 

Where is the mounting bracket shown in the data sheet?

安装支架位于白色托盘下方的盒子中,用于固定SGD 43-A. 

Is there a quick way of testing my projects without having to wire to the SGD 43-A?

开发板(SGD 43-A- dk + -这包括一个显示器)生成所有的输入,并指示SGD 43-A上可用的所有输出. Analogue inputs can be varied using dials, 数字 inputs can be turned on using switches, 数字, PWM and alarm outputs are shown by status 领导s. Screw terminals are also available for quick connection of actual signals.

I am looking for a configuration that is not listed in the PanelPilot software. Can you make one for me?

Certainly! Using our PanelPilot Custom Design service, we can make bespoke configurations that are tailored to your requirements. 请 联系 our sales team to find out more.

我的图形在显示器上显示的位置和在模拟器上显示的位置不完全一样. Why is this happening?

不幸的是,在模拟器和嵌入式显示器上使用的渲染引擎并不完全相同.  This can lead to very minor differences in the positions of graphics. Normally this is not noticeable but it can sometimes mean that the rotation of a needle, for example, is slightly off.

What protocols are supported over RS485?

Currently ascii based raw data and MODBUS, however we are working to add new protocols such as CANBUS, if you have any protocols you would like to see then please email

What do the jumpers do on the RS485 add-on board?

PL1 is used to specify which additional pin will be used in order to use RS485, you can either use PWM3 or DIG8 which are marked as PWM and DIO respectively.
PL2 is used to connect or disconnect the terminating resistor from the circuit.

How do I configure RS485 within the design studio?

SGD 43-A

Go to your project settings (select your project and look at the properties editor). Towards the bottom of these settings you should see “Enable RS485”, 通过启用这个属性,你会看到PWM1和PWM2被RS485禁用,并且有一个下拉选择将被禁用的第三引脚. 选择数字通道8或PWM输出3,并确保在板上选择相应的跳线位置. 现在你已经准备好使用RS485,就像你使用RS232一样(但与一个RS485 COM端口代替).

SGD 70年

SGD 70年具有RS485专用引脚,因此不需要项目配置(或附加板). Simply use it in the same way as you used RS232 (but with an RS485 COM PORT instead).

Do PanelPilotACE displays support the CAN bus protocol?

CAN bus can only be used on the SGD 70年, and requires add-on board S70-CAN.  CAN bus is not available on the SGD 43-A.

How do I allocate a MAC address for a PanelPilotACE?

1. 打开PanelPilotACE Design Studio软件,确保有一个活跃的互联网连接.

2. Ensure the PanelPilotACE device has the supporting Ethernet hardware. This is included with an SGD 70年 model, but will require an Add-on board for the SGD 43-A.

3. Connect the PanelPilotACE device to the PC via a USB cable. Once successfully connected, the device will be visible in the Device Settings menu for the PanelPilotACE. This is located in the top-right hand corner of the Design Studio workspace.  Click on the burger menu button on the far right to view the drop-down menu. Select Device Configuration from this menu to access the MAC address settings. If a MAC address has already been configured for the device it will be displayed in the Get MAC Address 场. If not, this 场 will display 00-00-00-00-00-00 or be blank (see image below).

4. If you want to allocate a MAC address, check the box next to Get MAC Address (see example below).

A MAC address will then be requested from the PanelPilot Server. The MAC Address 场 will then populate with a MAC address (see image below). Note: this may take up to a few minutes.

5. Click on Configure. The Device Configuration menu will close and the PanelPilotACE device will reboot.

6. Go back to the Device Settings burger menu and select Hardware Information. The MAC address will be displayed in the Physical Address text box (see image below).