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Our belief is that good design can only happen when each step in the product development process is undertaken with due consideration of the others. By offering a custom electronic design and manufacturing service encompassing all of these important steps, Lascar can manage the design process from conception to manufacture delivering final product that meets both your and your customer's needs.

The easy way to follow Green Book standards for vaccine and pharmaceutical storage

Using a data logger that automatically creates temperature audit records leaves your staff free to look after your patients, instead of pieces of paper. And when the same logger instantly tells you of any temperature breaches, you get absolute peace of mind.

EasyLog’s range of data loggers meet or exceed all Green Book requirements.

The European Medicines Agency state that both the Vaxzevria and the Janssen vaccines should be stored at +2°C to +8°C. After first opening of the vial, both should be used within 6 hours, during this time the Janssen vaccine should be kept at temperatures between  +2°C to +25°C and the Vaxzevria vaccine should not exceed temperatures of +30°C.

The European Medicines Agency state that the Comirnaty vaccine can be kept frozen, unopened for 6 months at temperatures between -90°C and -60°C. Once thawed the vaccine has a shelf life of 5 days and can be kept at temperatures between +2°C and +8°C during this time.

Ensuring the potency of your vaccines has never been more important, and the challenges have never been greater. But help is at hand -Easylog, the experts in vaccine temperature monitoring, have a range of solutions to give you complete peace of mind.

With a fresh fish supply market as tight as a can of sardines, it is vital that you have a competitive edge in order to succeed. Being able to deliver a consistent stream of the freshest produce is the key to maintaining demand. Are you 100% certain that your fresh fish and seafood storage containers are up to the job?

Keep track of the vital temperature and humidity conditions within your fresh fish and seafood storage containers. EasyLog, the experts in condition monitoring, have you got covered with our wide range of low-cost, highly accurate and reliable, wireless and standalone data loggers.

From pet shop reptiles and amphibians, to zoo animals like gorillas and snow leopards, all livestock require very specific temperature and humidity levels to stay safe and remain healthy, so making sure their conditions are optimised should be your top priority. Would you say that your environmental condition monitoring solutions are 100% up to the job?

The health and wellbeing of your animals largely depends on the conditions of their immediate surroundings, and of course, you will want to be able to monitor this 24/7. With the help of an EasyLog data logger, this becomes entirely possible, allowing you peace of mind and the ability to act in an emergency.

The use of Ultraviolet (UV) light to clean a surface or device is established technology, but this year it has been brought squarely into focus because of the global Coronavirus pandemic. UV sanitation is a highly effective way of ridding surfaces of micro-organisms by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA, but what if there was a way of revolutionising your cleaning systems by introducing a touchscreen HMI?

Are you looking to increase the level of automation in your ultraviolet sanitation devices? Fast-track your development with PanelPilotACE, combining a full touch screen with powerful process control. Designed for easy integration with analogue and digital sensors, ACE is the perfect tool for automated equipment. 

The quality of the food that comes out of your kitchen impacts the number of customers in your restaurant. But whether you’re an established local pub, a newly-opened high street restaurant, or a trendy brunch bar, it is more important than ever that your stored food and fresh produce remains at its best 24/7 – are you confident that yours is in peak condition?

Is the hygiene and food safety up to standard in your kitchen? Whatever kind of establishment you run, wouldn’t being able to monitor the temperature and humidity levels of your stored food and fresh produce 24/7 give you the peace of mind you deserve?

Keep track of the conditions of your business’s kitchen with an automated temperature and humidity data logger from EasyLog. Simply place one high up on one of your kitchen walls, or in a specific fridge or freezer, and receive conditional change alerts straight to your phone or email inbox. It’s that easy. It’s your data anytime, anywhere.

If the temperature and humidity of your venue’s kitchen is being monitored by an EasyLog data logger, you get peace of mind that your stored fresh produce is at its best. Our loggers have you covered with accurate, automated condition alerts sent straight to your phone. It’s worry-free data logging from EasyLog.

Lascar have a range of temperature and temperature and humidity data loggers perfect for monitoring the environment of anything from a kennel or animal housing area to a reptile tank. From small, low cost loggers that simply plug into a computer USB port to retrieve the data to WiFi connected loggers with displays that allow instant alarm notification and data monitoring from any internet enabled device. All of our data loggers have ranges with external probes allowing the device to sit on the outside of the tank or kennel.

Lascar Electronics is an electronics design company making waves in several areas of the Cannabis growing, drying and extraction markets. Decades of HVAC, vaccine and agricultural monitoring success have resulted in dependable solutions for eliminating loss, increasing yield/shelf-life and maximizing efficiency during cultivation, transportation, harvesting and curing product. We specialize in providing solutions for environmental monitoring, recording and alerting, controlling of lighting systems, operation of pumps and extractors and working alongside your existing HVAC network to bring the data you need front and center. With the help of Lascar’s EasyLog Cloud users can record and manage multiple data logging devices in different locations remotely from a smart phone, PC, or tablet.

Lascar’s series of inexpensive and discrete standalone USB, WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled temperature and temperature & humidity devices provides the tools to monitor, report and store data collected during transportation, proving peace of mind that products arrive in the state they started their journey.

Whilst swings in temperature and humidity in normal environments may not be significant, in a museum they can be catastrophic. Exposure to extremes of heat, cold, dryness or humidity can cause textiles, canvas, wood and other materials to quickly deteriorate. Factor in a display case and there may be multiple environments in just one room. Maintaining those same environmental conditions is also essential during the transportation and storage of exhibits and artefacts.

An unstable level of humidity can cause hygroscopic materials to swell in high humidity and contract in low humidity.

  - Reduce losses from swelling and cracking
  - Protect raw material and work in progress
  - Monitor finished goods in storage and transit

Lascar’s series of inexpensive and discrete standalone USB, WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled temperature and temperature & humidity devices provides the tools to monitor, report and store data collected during transportation, proving peace of mind that products arrive in the state they started their journey.

Our EL-MOTE range is designed to let you wirelessly monitor the temperature and humidity of your chosen environment. Thanks to our EasyLog Cloud software and app, you can wirelessly stream, view and record your temperature and humidity readings from multiple devices at different locations. The EL-MOTE and EL-WiFi range are discrete yet powerful loggers, storing data internally if a WiFi connection is lost, and automatically uploading data when connections are restored. They will also alert you if measurement ranges have been breached with their built-in sounders and LEDs, whilst sending automatic alerts straight to your email and phone.

What temperature are your vaccines right now? Daily temperature checks must take place where medicines and vaccines are stored. Let EasyLog data loggers take care of it for you so that you can spend more time caring for your patients.

Lascar's broad range of data loggers can help meet the combined challenges of health, comfort, climate and energy efficiency as part of a modern approach to facilities management.  It's broad range of data loggers suits a number of environmental applications with a number of communications platforms to choose from including standalone USB, WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Ensure vaccines are kept at the correct temperature when being stored using Lascar's EasyLog family of vaccine data loggers. These data loggers are supplied with glycol bottles, calibration certificates and magnetic clips for immediate use, using USB and WiFi technology to store and display data.