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User Interface Design

Making sophisticated products easy to use

Lascar: Experts in User Interface Design

From mobile Apps to websites, touch screen displays and bespoke software, Lascar has decades of experience in designing and building user interfaces. 

While we pride ourselves on the ease and simplicity of our devices' user interfaces, we know it's about giving your customers complete control of your product.

  • Seamless movement throughout the application's display menus and screens.
  • Constant system status information.
  • Fluency and consistency from one interface to another.

Concepts and Design

No user interface will be successful without a clearly thought-out design that is thoroughly tested. Design of the user interface has to proceed in parallel to the functional design of the product, if the end result is to be as powerful as possible but still easily accessible. Lascar's combination of UI design and product development makes this process truly seamless.

  • Graphical concept design
  • Storyboarding
  • Virgin user testing